Peach tree is yet to break bud

nandakumar(7)April 3, 2013

I have planted two peach tress - Loring and Ranger on same day on March 1, 2013.

Loring started budding in a week with few flowers and now has lot of leaves and even few baby fruits but Ranger is yet break bud. The tree seems to be green and healthy but not sure why it is yet to break bud.

Please share your experience on this.


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I'd scratch the bark a little on a branch and see if it's green underneath. One of my four new little peach whips did nothing for so long I was sure it had died over the Winter. The others had bloomed and were leafing out and it just sat there with black buds.

Several weeks later it began to show signs of life and now has bloomed and is pushing out leaves.

There is a range of bloom times and newly planted trees can be even more variable.

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Thanks Steve,

I did scratch one of the branch and it seems to be green. I also talked to the folks in the Nursery and they say it is normal for some trees to bud little late. Hope it buds soon.

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I have a couple pear trees that way. One is fully leafed out with a few pears on it already and the othe one hasn't budded out yet. It is still alive it is just a little slower than the other one.

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