First Year With Apple Tree

lisazone6_ma(z6 MA)April 28, 2010

Sorry if this question has already been answered a thousand times!

I bought a dwarf "Pixi Crunch" apple tree last year. I didn't have it in an optimal place as I simply had to get the tree in the ground for the winter. I dug it up this year and placed it in a pot where it will get full sun. I'm hoping since it's a dwarf it will do well in the pot, but can place it back in the ground in another area if it doesn't do well.

My question is, what do I do with the tree for this, it's technically first year? It's in flower now. Do I nip off the flowers so little apples don't form? I was told to not let apples form for the first couple of years until the tree gets bigger. It's about 3 1/2 feet tall and maybe a little thicker around than a pencil right now. Will an apple form for every flower? When it does get bigger and I can let apples form do I thin them to just one per cluster of flowers (if an apple will form for every flower)? Anything else I should do? I know that you can't avoid spraying fruit trees, but I'd rather do the least I can chemical-wise. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thank you!


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Lisa: I can't answer all your questions now but... in retrospect, you could have simply covered the pot completely under a heap of mulch for the winter making sure the soil never dried out in the pot. Nurseries do this all the time. Getting a potted tree through the summer takes more work as you have to monitor it for water far more frequently than through the Fall and Winter.

You can nip the flowers or wait until the bloom is over and remove any fruit that form. Yes, an apple can form for every flower as long as it is pollinated, not all fruit initially formed will necessarily make it to full size though. Apple trees go through "June drop" normally during which time they will shed excess (according to the tree) fruit.

Tou are not alone, we all prefer to do the least spraying, after all there are more entertaining things in life to do -:)

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