potted raspberry

jbw1984April 5, 2014


about 6 weeks ago i potted a latham red raspberry. it was a pre-grown "stick with roots" (i'm sure there is a better way to describe it, but i have not attempted this kind of plant before), and had a few leaves.

i potted it according to the instructions in a 15" pot, which is much much larger than the root system at the time.

the plant is on a southern-facing balcony in coastal southern california, so gets direct mostly sunlight from sunrise until about 2 PM right now, although the sunlight at any particular point is intermittently broken by the shade of the bannister for most of that period as the sun moves. the temperatures here have been between about 55 at night to between 65-75 during the day, with maybe a couple of days up to 85.

i water it once every day or every two days, depending on how warm it is. basically i try to water it when the top layer looks like it has gotten dry.

the leaves were looking pretty healthy for the first 3-4 weeks, but they have started looking dry and falling off. i am not sure if the plant is not being treated properly or if it has a disease, or if this is normal.

i have attached a couple of photos, although they are not as good as i hoped when i took them. if it is not clear what's going on to someone, i can take more.

i would appreciate any help or insights.

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another photo.

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