New fruit trees

tucker46060April 3, 2013

I just received 8 or so new fruit trees from Rolling River in anticipation of starting our small home orchard.

Question for the group.

Since they came from CA, where spring has sprung more than here in central IN, they already have some small leaves sprouting. We are forecast to have more freezing weather, last frost date not for several weeks. Will the leaves be harmed by having them outside?

They are potted, so I have some leeway before planting them (won't have time until next week+ anyway). I've pulled them in the garage for the 20F nights the last couple days. Should I go ahead and plant them next week, or wait until danger of frost has passed?

Thanks in advance.

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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

If the ground is not frozen, you should plant them right now, right away. The leaves will likely be just fine in the cold temperatures, and if not, the trees will push out new leaves. But IF there are any fruit buds (and that is a very big IF), then there is a chance the fruit buds will die. However this isn't a problem -- you really wouldn't want a baby tree to be producing fruit its first year anyway. You want to put the fruiting off to next year or the year after, until the trees get well established.

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