Looking for June Apple Tree

asyoungApril 20, 2009

My grandfather and father always had June apple trees planted and they were my favorite. I dont know the real name for them but that's what they called the trees. They were medium sized red with a little green showing through apple that was ripe in June here in NC in zone 7. I'm want to plant some of my own but haven't been able to find any that ripen in June. Does anyone have any ideas?



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Possibly Carolina Red June. Go to www.bighorsecreekfarm.com to see a description; you can also try www.centuryfarmorchards.com


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are there any other apples that would ripen in zone6/7 in june?

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

If my calculations are correct, the earliest ripening apples here in 6b that I that I know of are the Yellow Transparent which I believe will ripen around July 20th, and the Williams Pride around July 27th. (I have both, but they have not yet fruited). I chose both because I try to spread out my harvest and these are the earliest that I know of. If I could get a decent apple to ripen in June, I'd certainly be interested in it.

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Sounds like the Carolina Red June to me, too.
There's also an heirloom-type 'May' apple that would be one of the earlier-ripening varieties.
"Early Harvest" ripens with Lodi - but IMO, EH & Lodi are both inferior to the good ol' Yellow Transparent, even if they are larger.

Another early-season apple that I'm especially fond of is MonArk - ripens here in late July/early August; a big red-over-green apple with firm, crisp flesh - more like a winter-keeper than the typical early apple, and it will hold for 6-8 weeks in the refrigerator without going mealy. A good choice for fresh eating and cooking.

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There are several other early ripeners. Check out this site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Century Farms

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cowboyup4christ(Zone 8)

horse apples ripen in June July they are NC Apple Varieties farmers use to grow them at the edges of fields here in central NC. they were developed here in the 1800s. Also Anna is a June apple developed in Israel so can stand the heat and needs less cold hours is yellow with red blush. Yellow horse is a large horse apple is greenish yellow with red blush.

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Carolina Red June fruited heavily for us here in Southern California, but our heat made it terrible- mushy, bland. Early heat is not rare for us; it was 103 yesterday.

Dorsett Golden and Anna were far superior. They are both hardy to zone 4 but early frost will nip the blossoms almost every time. They blossom here the end of January.


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will Dorsett Golden grow in NY, zone 6/7 and if yes, when would it ripen?

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I don't know. Richard Fahey grows it to supply scionwood up in Oxford, but says it has never fruited for him because frost always gets the blossoms. Any warm spell you get from Christmas on is enought to set it off, with disasterous results. The same goes for Anna; however they do take cuttings early in the year and bring them inside to force them in order to have floral arrangements on the table. The blossoms on both are beautiful.


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for years i have been looking for the secret of the june apple tree. several people i have talked to in my area have heard of june apples but dont the name of the tree. i grew up in southern indiana and those were the apple trees we had. now that i have a home id been trying to find out what they are so i can plant them. what i did find out is that if you just plant seeds from any apple a 'june apple tree' will grow. the apple trees now have been grafted to make specialized apples but there seeds wont carry on that trait. i havent tried this yet to see if it works but sounds like it could be true.

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