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kingwood(9)April 17, 2013

I have read H-Man's and other's opinions regarding apples. I'm sure he has forgotten more about apples than I will ever know. I grow apples in an area that is supposed to not be able to grow anything other than the low chill. For many years I believed that hype until the guy from southern cal started talking about the northern varieties he grew and how successful they were and taste. I figured if he could grow them in southern cal I should be able to grow them in Houston. I owe him many thanks.....he was right, regardless of what the scientist were saying for all those years. I don't think the folks at Cummins believed they would be successful down here when I initially ordered.

Regarding Hawkeye......I remember eating red delicious apples in the 50's and 60's as a child and they were indeed very sweet with a mild crunch. The red delicious apples of today are not anywhere near the ones marketed then. But this Hawkeye is totally different than those 50/60 apples. Hawkeye in my yard is not overly sweet, has mild acid, very crisp, and a unique "delicious" flavor. I would still rate it as a top tier apple.

Regarding sweetness, I prefer high sweet/high acid in most of my fruit. My wife prefers sweet. If it has any discernable acid, she claims it's too tart. I grow fruit for her preference in addition to others for my preference.

I am retired federal employee and have lived out west and the midwest during my career. While living in the midwest, my wife and I would go to local orchards and pick apples. The Mac I picked up there were no where near as good as the Libertys I grow here. My wife loves the do I, but it is not my favorite, as I prefer sweet/acid in apples, citrus, nectarines, plums and peaches. Always remember.....wife happy.

One other thought, I do not judge fruit by keeping qualities. I eat most within a week of picking, otherwise they go toward making fruit wine. I used to can, jelly, or jam, and give to family and friends. I am now diabetic, so most excess fruit goes toward wine for family and friends......I think they actually prefer receiving the wine now instead of the jelly.

Final thought is that you are correct regarding fruit characteristics differing in various locations. Everything from taste, firmness, sweetness, and bloom times. I posted recently regarding my Royal Ranier cherry that is full of blooms and my recommended pollinator (Lapins) not yet blooming. Although the Cali sites say Lapins will pollinate it, I have never had them bloom in the same window. I have not given up on the cherries, but will try to find something else that will have an early bloom and be under 700 chill.

Even though something may not work in my area, I am still appreciative of all the comments and recommendations.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

kingwood, my new Lapins and Royal Ranier are not (yet) in bloom sync either. It might take a couple of years for the bloom times to be better in sync. I saw this also with my Minnie Royal and Royal Lee low chill cherries as well, and this year, the overlap was much better. Give it another season or two. These two low chill cherries may also work for you.

Patty S.

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Patty, thanks....but no thanks. I tried them the first year trees were released to the public. Both died in less than 3 months (canker). Bought 2 more the next year. Those came with the interstem and were obviously older and one actually fruited. Both bit the dust less than 3 months. I love cherries and am stubborn, so purchased 3 more the next year and tried growing in another part of town. They made it a year that time before they died (canker). I'm thru with them, but open to another disease resistant variety.

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