What kind of plum is this?

Daisyjoy5(7 _ NW GA)April 28, 2014

Hi everyone! I posted this in the "name that plant" forum and someone suggested I cross-post here.

I have a gorgeous plum tree that sets out large quantities of small, tart fruit. The flesh is a bright golden color, sort of red/orange. It makes a wonderful jam. It's obviously some sort of a plum tree, and my best guess is Chickasaw but I'm by no means confident in that guess.

Can anyone ID this tree?

(Also if anyone can tell me how to put two pictures in one post, that would be great!) see below for other pic

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Daisyjoy5(7 _ NW GA)

Fruit that is not quite ripe (it has a small window for harvesting).

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Daisyjoy5(7 _ NW GA)


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Looks like a Chickasaw to me. Does it have suckers that pop up all around the tree? If it is a Chickasaw it will spread by sending up suckers everywhere and eventually form a big thicket.They make great jelly or wine.

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