Is it possible (likely) that these are blueberries

sjklyApril 16, 2013

So, for the last few years I have grown blueberries in containers.
Last fall I didn't clean out my containers where veges had been growing-been doing that this spring. In two of the containers close to where the blueberries are, I have what look like blueberry plants growing.
Tall canes off a low stem, I didn't pull them, I wanted to wait for them to leaf out-the leaves have opened now and they are identical to my berry bushes. Small oval leaves tinged with red.
I know it's possible but is it really likely that the blueberries propagated by seeds? Is it really that easy for them to spread?

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

I don't know man, thats unlikely.. A picture would help.. It is possible though, if the containers were kissing your bluerries and the blueberrys weighed down the stem and the stem tip rooted in your vegetables container? I found it very easy to propagate blueberries by cuttings.. It takes monthes for it to germinate by seed, very unlikely... Dont know what to tell you.. Wait it out, and take a picture.


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There were no canes tipping over and re rooting themselves-months to germinate by seed-well it would have had all winter.
Still, after reading how hard it is to propagate blueberries by seed I was a bit surprised myself. Let me see if I can figure out how to get a picture.

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That happened to me last Fall.I saw a little plant growing a few inches away from a Blueberry plant in the ground.It is now in a small pot growing in my greenhouse. Brady

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A related plant, V. ovatum, the evergreen huckleberry, readily reseeds.

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I don't have any huckleberrys in the area.
I have become convinced that these are blueberries-they are identical to the known blueberry-if fact a leaf plucked from one plant is a perfect match for the other.

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I was using the huckleberry as an example to show that your blueberry could indeed reseed and grow.

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Oh, I got confused.

The plants look more like blueberries everyday so I will leave them and see if next year I get berries.

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