Don't use wood containers for trees!

franktank232(z5 WI)April 6, 2013

Obviously common sense should tell a person (me) that this is not a good idea. So today I went to remove a sweet cherry growing in a whisky barrel so I could give it away (don't need it)... The bottom was more or less rotted away (roots had grown INTO the wood) ..i. was able to peel everything off by hand. All the wood touching soil was rotted away and i could snap them in half with my hands (these things are oak i believe)... So yeah...this was 4 years of use and its dead now. I have 2 other trees in them that will be getting new homes soon. Stick with plastic.

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There are longer lasting woods like redwood & cedar...

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A lot if plastics used for pots and planters also get brittle and crack or break in 4-5 years. There isn't a perfect answer.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I have bought the nursery plastic containers from greenhouse supply or one of those places (15 gallon) and they are treated for UV protection. Obviously they aren't going to last forever, but i have a few as old as that whisky barrel that i'm still using...but i agree, no perfect answer, everything is throw away at some least that wood will decompose. The problem with plastic, at least for me is its so brittle in cold weather that you really have to be careful moving them around...but i still to prefer plastic (polyethylene) its lite weight...these whisky barrels are pigs.

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You could also eliminate the rotting problem (to a point), by replacing the bottom of the barrel with thick window screen (the pot will also drain way better this way)

Up where I am wood lasts longer then plastics outside. IT just depends on how well you take care if it, and whether its a rot resitant type (locust, ceader or old redwood barrels)

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