Bobcock peach has no leaf ?

gambelsquailApril 24, 2014

I planted a Babcock peach last spring. It grew nicely for a few months and even gave me two small peaches. But after a few months the growth stopped.

This early spring it bloomed with tiny flowers. Until now no leaf shows ...

The root stock is Citation.

Should I water more or use some kind of fertilizer?

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scratch through the bark with your fingernail, and determine if the wood is still alive/green. You give no info regarding your soil type. If you have sand...make sure you keep well-watered. Small/young trees have very limited root systems. Citation rootstocks do not like drought conditions. They often go into hibernation/dormancy early if stressed out from drought.

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Thank you for reply.

I have clay soil. The tree is still alive since the little peaches are still green. Just no leaf shows :(

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Babcock leafs out, for me, after it blooms and sets fruit. Some years it is more pronounced than others. Still an excellent peach here.

Here's a pic from end of March, early morning after a rain, so pic quality is poor:

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Could be lack of chilling. But from looking at the tree it's obvious it didn't grow last year. And the surrounding area looks very dry. So it could be lack of water along with lack of chilling.

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Babcock chill hours are listed at 250-300, and I've never seen a warm Winter impact it negatively. It does look like it could use a good soaking though as fruitnut suggests. An application of a good low N fertilizer like GRO-POWER FLOWER 'N' BLOOM 3-12-12 might be a good idea as would some mulch out around the landscape. In my hot dry locale bare dirt is an invitation to spider mite problems.

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