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kingwood(9)April 8, 2013

My Royal Ranier is starting to put on blooms. Looks like it will be quite a few this year. My pollinator (Lapins) is behind it in bloom time. What are you using for pollination of Royal Ranier? Request suggestion for variety that will share bloom and also fall within my chill hours. I had Craigs Crimson, but it bit the dust (canker) after about 3 years.

Have tried the super low chill, but all died from canker. Waisted enough time and money on those. Looking for something under 700 chill that might share bloom and be somewhat disease resistant. Thanks

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


I've got about 20 varieties and bloom is spread over more than a month. This year Royal Rainier bloomed in the mid to late period close to Lapins. Given the difference in our chilling regimes my results probably aren't going to help you even if I had better notes.

I have to think you are borderline on chilling. My cultivars that set best at marginal chilling are Rainier, Bing, Lapins, and Sonata. I've heard that Stella is even lower chilling than Lapins but I haven't grown it here.

Things that don't set at all with marginal chilling include Van, Sweetheart, Selah, Skeena, Benton, and Sandra Rose. All of the last five are self fertile but need a lot of chilling, 500-600 Utah hrs, to set even 1% of blossoms.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

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