Should I remove trees?

mjolenhouseApril 4, 2012

I recently started working on the orchard my father planted several years ago before he got too ill to take care of. He planted the trees and no one took good care of them. I have several trees that the top or main trunk has died off but the tree has grown back from the bottom. Doesn't appear to be suckers just another grow about 2 inches off the ground. I have been planting several new trees and I am debating on replacing them. Will they ever produce or should I just remove them and replant?

Also I have one tree that has a black spot on the truck and other one that looks like the joint of the branch and trunk is turning a shade of black. One other tree leaves are getting black spots. Whats going on with these trees. I beleive these ones are cherry and apple trees. Not 100% sure yet since they just leafed out and haven't grown these tree types in the past (Used to Peaches).

Any Suggestions. I do have pictures of some of the trees but don't know how to post. Thanks for your opinions.

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Well... The root stock will theoretically produce fruit... Many of those rootstocks tend to produce yellow, bland fruit... You can graft new tres onto those rootstocks - and potentially get something worthwhile... without having to pay for the whole tree...

The next question.... Do you know anything about the varieties? Are they varieties that you are either personally interested in, or are interested in maintaining/cropping to sell for market fruit? If you don't want to fool with fruit trees - then you probably ought to consider either leasing the orchard out to a proper Apple farmer - who will maintain and crop it... or maybe get rid of the trees.... Especially if they are more "Modern" non-heirloom apples.... There really isn't much heirloom preservation value in a 10-year old orchard full of yellow delicious and red delicious apples...

Now.. If they are old fashioned, oddball varieties.. then there may be some interest in preservation...


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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

Call your extension agent. They would be glad to stop by and look at your trees I would guess.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

not many facts to go on ...

but if you have a large number ..

i would simply sacrifice the ones sprouting from near the bottom to the pagan druid Gods...

and focus on the others ...

are you really willing to wait 3 to 5 years to find out if they remain the named variety.. or are weed trees ...

perhaps you are thinking this is harsh to the memory of pops ... but on the other hand.. if he knew what he was doing.. perhaps he would have been been done with them himself ... and had used it as an excuse to add other newer .. better plants ...

you have a dichotomy here of maintaining 'exactly' what he planted.. versus .. 'maintaining his dream' .. which was a producing orchard.. rather than a collection of specific trees ...

i dont know if i am being as eloquent as i could be.. does it make any sense??

one more try .. in other words.. any given specific tree may not have been as important.. as the diversity of the collection or the orchard itself ...


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