Can't reach top of tree with Immunox spray -- OK?

jayco(5b NY)April 21, 2012

I just sprayed my apple tree today with Immunox against CAR. The tree has gotten quite tall and I was unable to reach the top to spray. As I understand it Immunox is systemic; so will it work all right despite that portion of the tree not having been sprayed?


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alan haigh

Unfortunately there are two separate definitions of systemic, one that a substance disperses throughout the system but the def that applies to myclobutanil is the alternate one that simply means penetrating the tissue directly beneath the surface where its sprayed. Why science hasn't come up with two separate words is beyond me- I'm just a dumb farmer.

Just prune the tree down to the reach of your sprayer, I say. Easier to manage anyway.

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Or get a more powerful sprayer. I got a Gilmour hose-end sprayer that I use on the crabapples.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

If you can find the right outside diameter copper tubing you can add several feet on to your wand or look around for a metal one and just use the same size copper tubing. That was in a County Extension agent article.

I keep the tops of my trees cut down to suit fit me and my sprayer.

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jayco(5b NY)

Thank you all, I will figure out one of these solution. Don't want to prune the tree down since I want it to get tall enough that the majority of the fruit will be out of reach of the deer, so it won't have to live behind a fence forever.

I guess if I can work out a way to pick the high fruit I can work out a way to spray the high branches!

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