Raspberry Plant Help

soughtseven1035April 1, 2014

Hi guys,
It is my first time growing Raspberries and I got a few stalks off of 2 year old plants. I transplanted them into my garden and around the home. I wanted to see which spot they grow best at.

Anyways, I've noticed that one half of my plants stalks have turned light brown and brittle. Does this mean they are dead? We have had a large amount of rain here recently, do you think they got too much rain?

I have corn fodder around all of the plants to keep the moisture in and the cold out. Please let me know what I did wrong. I thought I did everything right with planting time, mulch, etc.

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AlternativePets(Zone 7)

Probably dead, but is the bark green inside? How long ago did you transplant them? Did they have leaves?

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...I got a few stalks off of 2 year old plants...

How many roots came along with these stalks? Perhaps you meant that you dug up some canes, along with their roots, that had sprouted up some distance from the 2-year old plants.

Please clarify how you separated the transplants from the original plants.

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1>No leaves
2>I just transplanted them a week ago
3>There is green bark inside, which is hopeful
4>I worded that wrong Larry,
I got several transplants that had healthy roots. I transplanted them into my garden and covered with too thick of corn fodder.
5>I didn't separate them. I just think I piled on the mulch too thick to cover from the snow, but I forgot to move it away once the sun came out. It should be good though now.

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