I Need a +5ft Olympic Asian Pear in Ohio/Michigan

kigerApril 11, 2012

I planted a boatload of fruit trees on my little 1/2 acre because I adore fruit. I got most of them from my local nursery because they were well branched (you can buy everything but time). The only problem is that no one around me has asian pears, or for that matter olympic asian pears which I love the most.

I ordered an olympic from ACN last year and it came as a stick and died over the winter (it was bet rootstock). This year I got an olympic from raintree (as ohf97) and it is a stick at 1/4 caliper! I could be waiting more than 3 more seasons for olympic pears...

Please help me!! Does anyone know anywhere that I could buy a well branched +5ft (so 5 gallon or more pot) olympic asian pear in ohio or michigan? I am out of Toledo and would drive a hundred miles for one but none are to be found.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

try the link..

CALL THEM ... do not email or try the catalog ...

and if they dont have it.. ask them for a referral ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

and do understand.. i am simply referring you to the largest tree farm that i know of.. within your range..

i have NEVER shopped fruit there ...

and i do not know what they have, nor stock ...

but if you go.. plan a few hours in their 10 acre conifer arboretum .. its to die for ...


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I appreciate the help. I called them up and they don't have any asian pears. The referred me to Bordines but they don't have any. Bordines referred me to Weigands but they don't have any. Weigands referred me to an apple orchard but that was also a no go.

I just wanted to post what I did so this thread will not yet die.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

well.. we tried within 100 miles north ..

perhaps you ought to look 100 miles south.. towards .. heck whats down that way.. dayton.. cinci ... columbii ...etc ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Hi There,

Don't know if my info would be what you want to hear. I mailed order my Asian pears, two years ago from Burnt Ridge, last year from Schlabach. They were bare roots about 4 ft. tall. They all have grown well and fast since. Shinko took only 2 years to fruit. 20th century took 3 years to fruit. I bought my Olympic in pot locally and it fruited the year I bought it and ever since. By all account, Asian pears give fruit much faster than Euro pears. My guess, if you can wait, by year 3, you'll get fruit.

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Mamuang, I think that is exactly what I am going to do. I was able to locate a company in virginia that has a 7 gallon pot with an olympic but shipping was $250 and the tree is $70. Don't get me wrong, I love asian pears, but not that much lol!

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Give 'Grandpa's Orchard' of Coloma a try. (u can google 'em). I just purchased a 20th Century pear from this month. It is a solid feathered tree of at least 6' tall. Bare root.

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Hi Kiger

I've been in your shoes. It took a lot of work but I did find some very nice Asian Pears (all dwarfs) at 2 garden centers north of me. I purchased a Rajah and what was labeled to be a Daisui Li at Berns Garden center. I later discovered the second one was mislabeled as it bore actual pear shaped fruit. Original selling orchard (Hollybrook Orchards.com) says it couldn't be a Ya Li (only pear shaped Asian pear I can find record of) as they don't carry that variety so insist it's a European and I'm hoping to figure out which one this year. I checked back for more at Berns's this year and they had none. However I also found nice dwarf trees at Marvins Organic Gardens. Sadly they are currently closed for the season but I know when I bought my last tree there in Oct they still had a couple Hardy Giants (which I believe is another name for Olympic) plus one Hosui and a couple New Century (Shinseiki). Very nice dedicated folks, but trees a bit pricy. If you get on their mailing list sometime during the winter they offer a chance to buy gift certificates and actually send you twice the certificate you purchase. That means I bought $100 and they sent me 2 $100 certificates. So the Hardy Giant priced at $90 actually cost me $45.

Other thing I want to mention is that I went to many many many well known reputable nurseries around the Cincinnati area looking for Asian Pears and was told by every single one of them (except Marvins) that Asian Pear was just a pear that bore fruit. I couldn't even get any of them to check a book to prove they were wrong. Oddly, even Berns where I actually bought 2 Asian pear trees told me the same thing. Luckily I checked their stock for myself and found the Rajah and Daisui Li there. Rajah is my favorite of the 4 varieties that have fruited for me. Hosui tastes slightly better but is a far more challenging tree to grow. (I prefer sweet over tart). Rajah has been a dream requiring minimal pruning and producing lots of yummy fruit. 20th Century I didn't care much for, but they say first couple years of fruit on young trees tend to be lower quality so I'm giving it a chance. The first 4 trees (yes, I count Daisui Li since the tree and leaves look way more Asian than European to me) were prob 4-5 feet and in 5 gallon pots. I planted in autumn and all 4 bore fruit the next year. I also put in Hardy Giant, Shinseiki, Drippin Honey and Chojuro this year but will prob only get fruit from the Hardy Giant as it is the only large one.

I really hope this helps. I went nuts looking and calling a couple years back.

Pam in cinti

Here is a link that might be useful: Marvin's Organic Gardens

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Here's the link to Hollybrook Orchards Pear page. They clearly state Korean Giant and Olympic Giant to be the same type. When you click the link it shows a pic of the hangtag that comes on each tree and it actually says Hardy Giant.

They are wholesale only but provide a very nice listing of places that sell their products. While Marvins Gardens is not currently on the list it was there last year. I suspect they update it yearly from new purchases and Marvins prob didn't buy any new trees from them this year. Marvins stock seems to move slowly which is why I don't hesitate to tell you they have the varieties I stated since I was there the last week they were open. They also havelots of apples but seem to not have tart cherries or plums as I have checked them out 3 yrs running now. They take very good care of their stock so I wouldnt' worry much about them being there over a year.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hollybrook Orchards pear variety descriptions

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