Honeycrisp on Bud 9

franktank232(z5 WI)April 6, 2014

Anyone have this combo? Comments on it? I ordered 10 Bud 9 and my thinking is to graft them over to Honeycrisp (most of them), but i think I've read that there can be issues?

What can I expect with Bud 9 for maximum height?

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mauch1(z6b PA)

Bud 9 grows about the same as M26. I have a number of grafts on Bud 9. On my soil (which tends towards the 'rich' side) apples grow 12-15 feet tall. There may be something new regarding HoneyCrisp and Bud 9, but the only thing I ever heard regarding HC is that it was a less vigorous variety and it was recommended to put it on a semi-dwarf rootstock. My HC (on M7 or M111 [don't remember which]) is about 20 to 25 feet tall. Hope this helps.

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My understanding is Bud 9 is a less vigorous rootstock than M26, but more vigorous that M27.

My experience is limited, as my few apple ees are too young still. I ordered two apple trees bare-root from Raintree this past year. One was HC on M26 and the other was Akane on M27. Both trees arrived the same size, height, caliper, etc. So assuming the trees were the same ago, I'd say HC is very low vigor.

My guess is HC on Bud9 will grow more like other varieties on M27. For fun I have also grafted a Bud9 rootstock to a HC scion. If you give me a few years I will let you know how it does :)

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