Nectarine oozing and leaves shriveling

spazmaticApril 1, 2013

Help all Mr Wizards!

My nectarine twig-end leaves are just shriveling up. No swelling like leaf curl. And this clear gel is near the leaves. Any ideas for me?

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And Ms Wizards too! Here's a shot of the gel blob. It's white because I lime sulfured at the first sign of leaf stress.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


The first thing that comes to mind is peach twig borer. The larvae eat into the new growing tips and tunnel down a couple inches. This causes the tip to wilt. It occurs on both peach and nectarine. You will find a tunnel and possibly the larvae.

There are other possibilities since I'm not sure what I'm seeing in your picture. Could be brown rot and several other things.

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