Do Dorsett Golden apples lose their leaves in Southern California

silent88April 14, 2013

I have an Anna apple that hasn't really lost its leaves on it's own the whole time I've had it, is Dorsett golden the same?

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Probably. If you want the trees to relax into a more typical growth pattern (and even actually have a rest), you can defoliate them by hand sometime after Thanksgiving. It certainly makes any spraying and pruning a little easier. Of course, if the trees are really big, that may not be something you'd want to do.

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Pink Lady is also notorious for this; the new leaves just push out the old ones. I've tried stripping the leaves by hand to see if it makes a difference for blossoming date and productivity, and it affects neither. The only reason I strip the leaves is to spray dormant oil and also to make it easier to paint the trunk and horizontal limbs white.

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