Delayed bud break - apple trees

txdurkApril 5, 2014

I have 3 apple trees that seem to have been stuck in dormancy. My wife and I bought one Dorsett Golden and two Anna apples 3-4 years ago (I think) for our side yard where we lost 8-9 oak trees to drought the year before. The trees were 2' twigs and the only bud break we 've seen have been suckers and two leaves on the Dorsett. �Both varieties are low chill and I'm pretty sure there were enough chill hours over each of the two previous winters. Looking at them they appeared dead except the leader was flexible and a scratch test showed some green. They remain about 2' still today. This year I decided I waited long enough and ordered a Fuji, a Gala, and a Pink Lady to replace them. Of course, as soon as I placed the order the original 3 trees decided to break hibernation. Grrr. �My question: is a ~3 year hibernation even possible?�

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

No, not possible. They must have had some leaves or they'd be dead. Both require almost no chilling so that's not the issue.

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The Dorsett had a couple leaves and the Dorsett and one Anna had a couple of suckers. Other than that I can't recall seeing any leaves at all.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Apples require a lot of water in TX. Also some fertilizer depending on your soil. Water and nitrogen should make them grow. Without water they'll be like the oak trees. In fact native oaks are much more drought tolerant.

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I've pretty much neglected them in the past. Now I'm planting a home orchard over a 1/2 acre side yard so I'll be paying them more mind. In fact I recently gave each a handful of organic Citrus Tone fertilizer. With the Spring rains that must have sparked a positive reaction.

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