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peachymomo(Ca 8)April 25, 2013

So far I've been doing all of my fruit growing at my Mom's house because she has a larger property with more sun, but after clearing out an area on the north side of my yard I think there is enough sun for a narrow but long fruit growing area. I want to make the best use of the space and squeeze in as many different plants as possible. After looking at the area I've come up with a plan that I think is pretty good, but I wanted to run it by some more knowledgeable gardeners before moving forward.

I want to have three layers: a 6' tall single cordon espalier with one grape and four hardy kiwis along the fence spaced 6" from the fence, a line of blueberries in 3'x3' raised beds spaced 3' apart, and a 4.5' tall double cordon espalier with three apples and three currants that will serve as a fence around the blueberries with a 3' wide path between the berries and the espalier fence.

Here's a drawing of the plan:

And here is a picture of the space I want to put the fruit in:

The space shown is actually a lot more than the 39' I have in my plan, but the ends get too much shade for fruit and part of the area is going to be devoted to firewood storage. We are also going to change the gate a bit and put in a new fence to separate the front yard from the back.

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Which end is north?

Wouldn't it be better to put your male kiwi in the middle?

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peachymomo(Ca 8)

The fence is north, it is on an east - west axis with our property on the south side and the neighbors on the north.

I would rather put the male at the end because it doesn't need much room, I want the females to get the 12' wide area for growing. I have one Issai that I was planning on putting at the end farthest from the male in case pollination was a problem.

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