can i grow apricot directly from the pit?

preppystudApril 29, 2009

i planted some pits in the soil, it seems that a few actually germinated, and they are growing really fast.

i wonder if they will actually product any apricots at all?

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They will grow, but will not come true from seed... you may get something very good or not; you take your chances. I'm growing peach and plum from seed but more for a hedge than for fruit and who knows I just may get lucky and get one that has good fruit as well.

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I read somewhere that apricots ARE one of the few fruits that will grow true from seeds. I think it was one of the state agricultural sites but I don't remember which one. I'm going to get some good tasting apricots at the local farmers' market this summer and give it a try myself. I know there is one farmer who brings them every year and they were wonderful.

Did you plant them in the fall or just this spring?


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carolync1(z8/9 CA inland)

Apricots are one of the few fruits which are likely to give you fruit which resembles the parent. But that doesn't mean that you can count on it growing true from seed. The older varieties may be more likely to give you similar fruit when you grown from seed.

I have a seedling apricot tree which has a lot of fruit on it this year. It was an experiment. The fruit is elongated - not like any of my other apricots. It tastes decent, but not outstanding.

If your apricot seedling does well in your soil type, you can graft another variety onto it later if the fruit isn't of good quality. You will be likely to get fruit faster from a grafted commercial tree than from a seedling tree. My seedling also has an odd, very twiggy growth pattern.

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I had two peach trees a customer gave me he grew from seed. He told me they were white, but they ended up with deep golden fruit and were the best peaches I have ever eaten. I still have one of those trees, and will be bud grafting from it soon so I don't lose the line. I also read on a University extension site that you have decent luck with quality using pit fruits to start trees.

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i didn't know that they are apricot trees when they first started to grow.

here is a pic.

it had a big bean kind of thing on the bottom. then i found half shell around that area yesterday, so i can only assume that it is indeed an apricot tree. i got the seed last year from the supermarket, i just burned some right in the soil. so far, three have germinated, and growing pretty good.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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miketrees(WA Australia)

I have grown a lot of stonefruit from seed
Peaches and nectarine produce offspring very close to the parent, apricots a bit less and plums a lot less.
You are still in the lottery tho
Apples and pears even less.

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Peaches and Nectarines worked well for me from seed. I planted them around the building at my workplace. Some produce fruit which is small and hard, but they're great for pies. Apricot is a close cousin, so I'll bet it'll work. Still, if you'll plant them at home (where success matters) and space is limited it's better to go with nursery stock well suited to your area. For example, my seedgrown trees have a lot of flower bud drop after wintering over. A hardier variety might do better. Good Luck, ....Dave

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my apricot from seed was about 12 inches tall.
last night "bunny" came and cut it down to 5 inches from the soil. is there a hope for it to grow next spring.

Thank you all

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

If it still has leaves, yes. If no leaves probably yes. Protect it from further damage all winter long and until it reaches significant size.

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fruitnut, thank you very much, hardly waiting for the spring to see survival.

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