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glenn_russell(6b RI)April 3, 2013

Hi GreenRhody-
Originally, I got my raspberries at a local nursery like âÂÂthe farmerâÂÂs daughterâ or âÂÂHighland Farmsâ here in Wakefield. But, there are a couple problems doing that.

1.) YouâÂÂll pay $25-$35 for a single gallon plant. 2.) The variety is usually very limited.

I get all my Raspberries from Nourse in Mass. They have a huge variety, prices are around $18 for 5 bare root plants, and I have never heard anyone complain about them. Usually, IâÂÂd put in my order before Christmas time so that they donâÂÂt sell out. Looks like they still have quite a few varieties this year.

You should remember to give me your email address in your messages, otherwise, this is the only way I can reply!

Good luck in your quest. Best,

P.S. Hello to all my GW friends! IâÂÂve been quite busy and havenâÂÂt had time to keep up with the forum, but now that itâÂÂs spring, hopefully IâÂÂll be able to spend more time here.

>Hi Glenn

>Hope you and your plants survived this winter that won't end!
I was wondering if you could recommend a good local source for the raspberries you evaluate in your blog?

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Here is a link that might be useful: Nourse Farms

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