Pruning and starting this grape vine

ack01April 17, 2013

So here is my first grape vine. I plan to prune everthing off of it except the tallest shoot I will than attach it to my trellis and if it touches the wire, I will tip it above the second bud. The trellis I am making is only to get me by this year. I am going to use t-post and rebar wire(stuff I already own) to string it up about 4 feet off the ground. Next year when I have more money and time I plan to use the standard 4x6 post with galvanized wire. I am hopping I can move it from one wire to another with out many problems. If anyone see any flaws in my logic please point them out hehe.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Since you will have a temporary trellis you might want to just let it establish roots this year and make a trunk/canes next year. To do that leave all shoots and leaves this year to allow maximum root growth. Then next year cut off low and train the strongest shoot up the trellis. This option won't make fruit next year. But would maximize the crop in 2015.

But I also might try to make a crop in 2014. It will be small but your plan would hold out that option.

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