crazy birds... tiny fruit buds eaten....

vieja_gw(z7NM)April 30, 2013

Just noticed some 'litter' on the ground beneath the cherry tree...
it is bits of the tiny new cherry buds that the birds have eaten off!! Has anyone else have this happen? A few cherries have developed big enough to avoid the birds but the newest buds are the ones the birds have 'butchered'! The tree is many years old & this has never occurred before ... why now?!!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Ya, house finch and sparrows will do that if they are short on food and water. Mostly I've seen it on apricot in mid winter with heavy snow cover.

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fruitnut: must be what is doing it here then too! Been a very early hot, dry spring here so maybe there is a scarcity of food for the birds ...I keep many birdbaths filled so water shoud not be a problem. Can't believe how they all of a sudden this year found the tiny new buds so tasty?!

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They were all over my Seckel pear last year - a drought year.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Birds are terrible here in my backyard. They eat blooms. They've pecked bushels and bushels of fruit over the years rendering it unsellable. They always peck the best outside fruits too. It's gotten to where I net every peach tree as it starts to ripen and throw some rubber snakes on top of the net. They peck apples too.

Of course we have to net blackberries, blueberries and cherries, or they will eat every one.

They even rip emerging corn plants out of the ground to get the kernel.

They do nothing (as far as I can tell) for insect control.

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The birds did not eat mine some one else did. I had one of my fig trees in the greenhouse and developed a huge fig. I was very happy and bragging to everybody about it. When the temp went up in our area I took the tree out of the greenhouse for some sun: a huge mistake somebody ate my fig must be bigger than bird his name starts with the letter S.

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My neighbor had birds eat all his peaches off his trees this year. He said he watched them fly over and eat all the small peaches right after tey were formed. Luckily mine are big enough now I don't have to worry about the birds.

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I had this problem for many years, but this year I used Mylar foil and good news: it worked.

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Avocado101(9A Southern California)

I think it's worst during Spring, for there aren't much ripened fruits. And blueberries are always eaten because they ripen in spring. For my blackberries, they also get gobbled up by birds in the beginning, then the birds seem to lay off after few weeks. In Autumn, birds do attack my fruit, but not so extensively, possibly because there are more choices in the neighborhood for them eat.

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