Salvaging Blackberries in a garden in ruins

sillytaraApril 9, 2012

Hello. My husband and I purchased a home a while back and the entire yard was like a jungle. I have managed to tame most of the beast except for one bed. In this bed I have wild black berries, day lilies, some sort of garlic, a climbing rose(understatement of the century)mint and purple cane. Within this mix is a tangle of oaks sprouting and all sorts of weeds that I am not familiar with. It seems all of these plants are in a battle to take over. Who can stay, who should go? My attempts to rid the black berries has been futile because they always creep up along the edges of my house. I think I would like to just incorporate the black berries in a way that they will not take over everything else. Can I mulch this plant? Any ideas on if this will work or am I stuck fighting them for eternity. I don't want to use round up and it has not proven to be effective for this problem anyways. Thanks for any ideas, I am overwhelmed.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

2 ways to over come blackberry vines one is to give wet feet they die out are easier pulled. Other keep cutting off tops of plant start in last July any thing green Hoe off about 3 month with out top they die. This time year they strong to survive.

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I assume your blackberries are thorny, otherwise they are not wild. They can be mulched but it is not necessary in zone 8.

Like Gator posted, keeping any new growth cut off (or dug out) will eventually starve out the root system.

You do not want them anywhere near the house. Do not allow the new canes to arch over and touch the ground and re-root in the fall.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

shall we presume you want to avoid roundup ...

if not.. then every time you cut a branch off.. apply ONE SINGLE DROP of undiluted killer to the cut end.. using the very expensive dripper at the link ... brand not important ..

store appropriately in the original container ..

the other alternative.. is to dig out what you want.. and clean it up [meaning pulling stuff out of the roots] .. and place them in a holding bed.. while you go to town.. and double dig the whole bed.. and just clean that area out .. and if it takes all summer.. so be it ... sometimes hard work works.. its the instant gratification that deludes us..

good luck


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Blackberry thickets are hard to tame initially, but single plants or sprouts popping up aren't real hard to deal with once they are under control....

I find a lawn mower/weed whacker works pretty well... just keep on scalping them down and they eventually die/go somewhere else...


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