cedar apple rust - myclobutanil concentration and price

thomis(7)April 21, 2013

I want a more effective spray for CAR. I found some Myclobutanil spray (under the name Rally 40 SP) on ebay.
It looks like a high concentration of the main ingredient at 40% Myclobutanil and I'm clueless on the price. Is this too strong for the backyard orchardist or is it more catered to commercial orchards? Price is $35 for a 4 oz package, says from DOW Agroscience on the package.

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You can buy this product in a more dilute formulation in most big box stores. It is sold under the brand name "immunox". It is available as a 32 Oz 2% solution for around $15 at Lowes or HD.
This translates to $25/ OZ of pure mycobutanil for the immunox as compared to $21/oz for the product on ebay. The 32 Oz size immunox sold in HD is labeled for lawn use and needs to be further diluted. I use 1 tablespoon of 2% immunox per gallon.

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that helps, thank you very much for that comparison. my mind doesn't think like that.

as for cedar apple rust this spring...i keep constant watch on the cedar trees, always looking for the orange galls. we had a rain friday night and saturday, sure enough, they were active. i had an old stash of ferbam but its gone now. at least i got a spray in saturday. i guess its time to get some immunox or myclobutanil.

thanks again,


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The Immunox I use is a multi-purpose fungicide (spray concentrate). The active ingredient lists myclobutanil at 1.55 %. I got a pint size (16 fl oz).

For apple, it says it helps with mildew, rust and scab. I've used it for apple, peach, cherry and plum. (pear is not listed but I spray it anyway).

You only need 1/2 fl oz per gal of water. I've used it for a few years now. It has worked quite well for me. I can't remember the price but it's not expensive. I got it from Lowe's I believe.

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1/2 fluid ounce per 1 gallon water at 1.55% dilution? That doesn't seem very strong for CAR. Do you find that effective for controlling CAR? Do you have a lot of cedar trees in your area?

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The 2% solution of immunox is the ready to spray bottle labeled for lawn use. It comes in a 32 Oz bottle.

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I just follow the label on the bottle. It say 1/2 fl oz per gal of water. I have used it at this rate for the past 3-4 yrs.

I used to have a 3 in 1 apple (Golden Delicious, Melrose and Summer Red if I recall correctly). I know it worked because I had CAR on this tree before I started using Immunox. I sprayed them and Honey Crisp. (the 3-1 died last year of a freak accident). I don't count William's Pride that I have, because it's CAR resistant.

We have cedar and juniper everywhere including in my neighbor's front yard. Juniper seems to be many people's favorite shrubs around here.

The one I have can treat lawn, too, but it deflinitely lists all the shrubs and fruit trees that can be treated.

My guess is you should check to see if the 2% solution Immunox is also used on fruit trees. Then, you can decide.

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Okay, thanks for all the info. What do you use it on your lawn for? Just curious.

We are expecting about 5 days of rain so I'm gearing up for another spray to battle CAR. This should be a banner year for my apple trees so I'm not taking any chances. I'm going to get the Rally off ebay and also try the Immunox and compare the two.

Thanks again!


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My bottle of Spectracide Immunox Multi-Purpose Fungicide is the 1.55% and it says 2/3 oz for apple. (1/2 oz for most other applications though).

I did notice a 32 oz hose end bottle at Menard's the other day for $15 and the concentration looked identical to the concentrate bottle I have which is 16 oz. for $15. I'm thinking I can maybe get twice the amount for the same money if I buy the hose end bottle and treat it as the concentrate.

I have a bottle of Infuse that was the same set-up and when I called the maker they said it was the exact same stuff in hose-end and concentrate bottle, so I'm thinking this probably is too.

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Wow I have never seen it in a hose-end bottle. That would be convenient.
I've sprayed twice so far and yesterday the cedar galls were very active. Looked like Christmas ornaments on the trees.

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Just FYI:
I think the Rally works better than Ferbam (which is no longer available, I had a small amount left).

Nipped CAR in the bud this year!

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