Will I get any cherries at all from my Bings?

ponyexpress_1April 10, 2013

Hi there. I have been reading recently that Bing cherries are not good selections for my Northeast area. I purchased two very nice looking dwarf trees at a great price and planted them already. I guess I figured if they were for sale here, they must be alright for the area. I've read that they are prone to splitting and wondered if I would get many cherries. I do have a compact Stella near by to cross pollinate. I planted the trees between the street and the sidewalk so they will be in front of my house and it's kind of dry there in the summer, but would rather rip them out if they won't produce. Any advice is appreciated.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

You'd probably be better off with White Gold and Black Gold which have been bred for your area. Go to Adam's County Nursery and check out their selection. The Pearl series was bred in NY for your area, Blackpearl, Burgundypearl, Ebonypearl.

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A friend of mine bought a Bing Cherry from Lowe's 5 yrs ago. Like you, she thought it's on sale in New England, it must be all right to grow here. It still grows well but no fruit. She has nothing to cross pollinate it with. From what I read, if it fruits, cracking, rotting and other problems are still waiting for them. My friend is tempted to cut it down. Also, Japanese beetles love to eat cherry leaves. By all accounts, Bing is not for us in the Northeast. Our best bet is to buy Bing from supermarkets.

I am not sure if Stella will cross pollinate Bing. I have Black Gold and Vandalay. If I could do it over, I would go for White Gold and one of the Pearl series.

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jagchaser(5A NE, -15-115f may frost)

The box stores and some nurseries in my area sell bings too. Its a good way to keep up their sales. I had a nursery lady try to sell me some of the pearls and white gold today. I might try them, but not today. They were leafed out inside and it stayed in the 20's all day. Im a little nervous about any sweet cherries. Our frost come so late that Montmorency sometimes freezes out.

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Don't know if Bing will grow in your area, but Stella will pollenate.

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Thank you for all the replies and great info. I think I will be trying the Dwarf Black Gold and Dwarf White Gold as they also have a later bloom time and will have a better chance of getting fruit. I learned my lesson to not impulse buy trees. Oh well.

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