Can new transplants take a freeze?

ken_platt(z5/6 CT)April 27, 2012

Folks - I've got 6 apple and 4 peach trees newly transplanted in the last few weeks. The apples are just starting to leaf out, the peaches mostly are still just sticks, one just has the beginnings of leaf buds starting.

We've got a freeze coming tonight - do I need to try to cover them up? Or will this not bother them? Thanks for the help -


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


I've never seen serious damage under those conditions. It would have to get seriously cold to make me worry, like low 20s to teens. Now if the trees were pushed into rapid growth for some reason prior to or after planting it might be another matter.

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ken_platt(z5/6 CT)

Thanks. I put in a lot of work (not to mention the $$) the past few weeks.

I actually ended up trying to cover some of the trees; I had cages around them, so I tried putting tarps, plastic bags, whatnot, onto the cages, but it was so windy that the dang thing were getting blown over, so I stopped. I figure getting knocked around was likely to be as damaging as the cold...


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

tx based fruitnut is overly optimistic for a FREEZE ... as compared to frost ...

i am glad you tried to cover them.. better the effort.. rather than the guilt of leaving it to the whims of mother nature ...

this week in MI.. we have had forecasts into the mid 20's.. we arent talking frost.. we are talking FREEZE potential ... and nothing green will appreciate that ...

i dont think we got that low ... but as i said.. better to 'try' rather than not ...


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


West Texas gets way more damaging spring freezes than MI. I've been through many dozens. Not trying to be a know it all here but that's the facts. And I grew up and was educated in IL and IN.

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