'Crimson Seedless' grape

MrClintApril 27, 2014

Here's my 'Crimson Seedless' grapevine. It gets full Southern exposure and takes the heat well. The trellis consists of two 8' T-Posts, 2' in the ground and 8' apart. Cross wires are braided, vinyl coated, and placed at 3' and 5'. The cross wires can be easily raised, lowered or removed as needed. The top cross bar is 1/2" conduit at 6'.

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Nice-looking vine!

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Thanks, ltilton! This vine has two challenges, 1) Keeping it in bounds, 2) Glassy-winged Sharpshooters. I walk the vine in the morning for both, and as often as I can for #2. Last year I was finger smashing at least 10 GWS per pass. Has me concerned about Pierce's Disease.

Here's some fruitset:

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I wish I could grow those here. I've tried to grow grapes, but I don't like the taste of the varieties that can survive our winters.

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I finger smashed 10 GWS today while watering the lot. What's the chance that I can avoid Pierce's Disease?

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