Care for crabapples, "fruitless" pears, decorative cherries?

lilhouseonprairieApril 5, 2014

My place had a few "fruitless" type landscaping trees here when I moved in. I've trimmed out shoots and anything I thought had to go. But how much do I need to care for these? Can they habor issues that can spread to my actual fruit trees? I'm not sure if they work as pollinators?

There's 1 red leafed/barked (cherry?) tree that we see a lot around here in landscaping because of the pretty pink flowers. There's 2 *I think* flowering crabapple and 1 other with small red berry type fruit and very spaced out branches with small leaves.

Should I be spraying them when I spray the orchard (i.e. copper in the Winter if I'm having a powder issue, etc)? Should I be trimming them each year?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Ornamental trees are usually better in the disease issue,..great to have and good in pollen source for other trees!
They don't need pruning, open up for light etc. cut some mangling things and dead wood, should be fine.
I'd let them be in spraying,..only do as a last resort.

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IF you arent sure post some pics....

If you want some fruit on them you could cleft graft some desierable types on them...

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