Did I just ruin my fruit trees with Miracle Gro All Purpose??

OmniApril 18, 2014

So I got a bit too excited for this year's growing season. I was reading up on how to fertilize and most sources said that with a tree that's in the ground for approximately 3 years, you want to use 1 lb of fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season and another pound in the middle of the growing season. Now, not researching too much on which fertilizer it was talking about, I ended up using the Miracle Gro variety that I have in my shed. It's the one that has a box with 10 bags inside, intended for plants and vegetables. It has a blue color to it. I used 1lb of it for the older and bigger peach tree, and about 1/2 lbs for the younger peach tree and apple tree. Is this okay, or is the 1 pound of weight intended ONLY for dry granular fertilizers?

Is this bad for the tree?

I'm not 100% what the breakdown of N-P-K is. I couldn't find it in the box. On the website, there is no matching box but of the two that look similar, the break down is 18-18-21 and 24-8-16.

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Voyage034(USDA 10a Sunset 23)

Your trees will be fine. By putting a pound of product down you ended up with about a fifth of a pound of nitrogen.

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Just a general FYI: I have read this forum nearly every day for almost two years. I have read many posts of fertilizer damage to young trees, but almost none where fertilizer was the solution.

the only time(s) fertilizer was needed was in really bad soil.

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alan haigh

Some form of nitrogen will generally help trees in average soil establish more quickly, but a quarter pound of actual N. for a small tree could be damaging to the tender roots, I'm guessing. However, I am not speaking from the experience of this particular mistake- I have only damaged more sensitive plants with surface applications of excessive N- never fruit trees.

Depends in part on texture of soil, in sandy soil your are more likely to scorch the roots- especially if the tree isn't mulched. Heavy watering can leach out the fertilizer in a hurry.

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