super-sizing rootstocks?

cousinfloydApril 18, 2012

I was just wondering if trees always grow biggest on their own roots or whether there's ever such a thing as the opposite of a dwarfing rootstock, i.e. a super-sizing rootstock? I'd assume since I've only ever heard of standard and various degrees of dwarfing that that's all there is, but I wanted to ask, just in case. I was specifically wondering about grafting Amelanchier alnifolia onto A. canadensis (assuming they're even graft compatible.)

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Interesting question. I know that I grafted a Flemish Beauty pear on top of a Bartlett and the FB has faithfully tried to overgrow the Bartlett ever since. (No idea what the Bartlett was grafted to.)

So what happened to so invigorate the FB? Or, is the FB just such an easy keeper that it would take off on just about anything?

I know even less about amelanchier than almost anything else, so I'll duck that issue altogether.

Good luck,


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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Apricots on peach roots will have more vigor than apricots on standard apricot roots.

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I suspect graft compatibility is pretty good across Amelanchier.
I've grafted A.x grandiflora onto A.alnifolia with success.
Had a northern fruit growing acquaintance who was doing a bit of experimentation, years ago, grafting apple onto Amelanchier, hoping for a dependable cold-hardy dwarfing rootstock/fruiting combination, but I've not heard from him on how this worked out.

Don't know how a 'tree-type' alnifolia would work - or if it would work. Perhaps if it's prevented from spreading by suckering, alnifolia would attain greater height. Give it a try, and report back.

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