New peach tree question

chellestar83April 11, 2013

I am brand new to fruit trees, so i'm hoping someone can help me out. I planted two peach trees earlier this spring (bareroot) and pruned them to an open vase shape with three or four good lateral branches. Now everything is starting to leaf out (yah) but there are lots of leaf buds coming from the trunk below my first level of scaffolding. Should I pinch these off? And should I do it now? Thanks! Also, any other advise you'd like to offer, I'm glad to hear it. I am attempting to grow organically/permaculturally.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

"but there are lots of leaf buds coming from the trunk below my first level of scaffolding."

That's not unusual. It's fine to rub off any unwanted buds where you don't want them. If not, they will grow and you can always prune them off later. One advantage to rubbing off unwanted buds is that it directs more growth to where you want it.

Make sure your scaffolds are where you want them before you rub the buds off. Unless you plan to attach flashing to the trunk for squirrel control, you want to start your scaffolds pretty low, if you want a tree you can harvest, thin, and prune without a ladder.

The homeowners around here don't use flashing, yet they start their scaffolds too high for good pedestrian trees.

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