Avocado - Main Stem pruning

foofghtApril 30, 2013

Last winter's cold required me to remove the top 2 feet of main stem off of my young Holiday avocado tree. What I wonder about is where I should properly prune the main stem to encourage growth of the main stem. I cut it a few weeks ago about 1-2" above the last living horizontal branch.

What should I expect to happen?

THanks for your wisdom!

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F...never prune like that. You do not ever want to leave a "stump" that will die back (your wood is dead there already) and die. It becomes a place for disease to enter. Prune that dead stump off....right back to the live wood.

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Thanks. The wood was already dead (vs it dieing from the poor prune). Would you recommend a cut right above the current horizontal branch? Angled? Flat cut?

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Avocado101(9A Southern California)

Would putting on some tree wound dressing help?

To answer the OP's question: I would think that another shoot will come out near the top, off the side, and shoot straight up.

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A little grafting wax (black tar-based) would help seal the deal...and prevent disease. However, it is not usually necessary. An angled cut just above the lines of the horizontal branch (1/8 inch above) is what you want. A is correct...you may end up "shooting up" some new branches at the cut site eventually (a good thing).

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