imidan 70w

Anatoli99April 5, 2013

i have an apricot tree for about 10 years now, last time i got any fruit on it was 4 years ago. Back then i used Diazinon which is banned now. A friend of mine dropped me off a bag of imidan 70w he said i can use it on my apricots.. Has anyone used this on apricots? if so how much do i put in a 6L sprayer, when do i start and how many times?
PS is this stuff safe?

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alan haigh

It runs about 1 table spoon a gallon if you can convert to the kings idiotic measurements to metric(idiotic now, at least). I'm not well enough educated to do it for you.

Not safe in the hands of idiots, and you need a good mask when making measurements- it's a fine powder and inhaling it is not a fine thing.

It is relatively safe for an organophosphate and one of the last still legal here. It is an excellent insecticide for a wide range of pests which may or may not be keeping you from your apricots.

I'd want to know what my pests are before I'd use it. Someone who sprays phantoms should probably stick to another insecticide- something over the counter, say Spectracide's Triazide "Once and Done". Not that it doesn't work against real insect pests and shouldn't also be used carefully but it is safer to handle.

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thanks for the reply
last year we had a very late frost after temps were in the mid 70's and low 80's for 10 days, not 1 apricot was on my tree. Most or all of southern ontario got hit really hard
Before that my apricots have been infested with worms and these are the pests i'd like to kill.

i've already sprayed dormant oil on the tree a couple times and im waiting for the flowers to come now.
So ive got a bottle of Thuricide which has clear instructions on it and a bag of Imidan 70w which which is supposidly good stuff but instructions arent very good.

Just curious in anyone has used it, and how...ive read its pretty potent stuff... i dont like using anything thats so harmfull and a rookie like myself will cause more bad then good

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i'll look for Spectracide's Triazide and add to my collection

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

" Back then i used Diazinon which is banned now."


Diazinon isn't banned, it's restricted use (at least in the U.S.)

The reason you don't have many instructions for the Imidan is probably because you are looking at an individual packet.

For pesticides in water soluble packets (like Imidan 70), the packets don't have much information on them because they are designed to dissolve in water. If your friend simply dropped you off a water soluble packet, it may have few instructions indeed. The individual water soluble packets come inside a larger bag. The larger bag contains the label information (at least that's the case for Lorsban).

You can Google the label and see what you've got. I pasted a link for the label below.

As Hman suggests, Imidan can be dangerous in it's concentrated powder formulation, which is precisely why it's packaged in water soluble bags (so the applicator/mixer doesn't come in contact with the concentrate).

Here is a link that might be useful: Imidan label

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alan haigh

I use to measure out Imidan 70 WP and highest legal rate comes to about 1.5 cups to 25 gallons which is 24 TBS. Pests of apricots probably don't show up there until well after their petal fall- here not until about 2 weeks after, or when latest apples have lost most of their petals.

2 or 3 sprays should do it 10-14 days apart. My guess is just the first 2 will do the trick but I don't know your pest complex.

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thanks for the responses
i really hope to eat some apricots this year.. they are delicious
i probably wont use imidan unless i really research it...thanks for the links
Diazinon is banned unless you have a farm, i live in the outskirts of town and dont have any neighbors but it considered residential..i would need a liscense to buy and use diazinon aswell as a farm. It is very strict

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