Pomegranate ailment

ernie85017April 21, 2014

This foliage has appeared on a young pomegranate. Just on the last 8 -10 inches of new growth. Today I noted a little bit of it on my larger more mature pomegranate tree. A small young one in a pot is not affected.
The leaves are green, but curled in on themselves and curly.
In the photo, the leaves are beginning to wilt, because after being cut from the tree, they had to wait for me to figure out how to get a close-up with the camera.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Aphids, mites, or psyllae can do that. Uncurl the leaves and look for "stuff" in the curled area. I have not seen this on my poms but it looks very similar to the psylla damage I get on my persimmons.


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That's it! I had done an organic spray, but will cut off bad leaves and watch to make sure they are gone.

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