Fungicide for apricots

Anatoli99April 23, 2013

Hello everyone,
This past winter i have sprayed my apricot trees with a oil and copper mixture while the tree was dormant. The trees have had brown rot in the past. I have not eaten any fruit off the trees in 3-4 years, the fruit were infested with worms and brown rot and fell off. And last year the late frost destroyed all the flowers none survived.

The flowers on my trees are just starting to open can anyone suggest to me what i can do now while the flowers are opening and recommend to me a fungicide that i can use now, something i can easily find? I know im not going to rid the tree completely of brown rot but maybe control it a bit.

And another question
should i continue to spray my peach tree with lime sulphur and oil during bud swell?
im obviously a noobie here when i comes to fruit trees..
thank you

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d1od1a(9, Sacramento)

You never spray a Apricot with lime-sulfer

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If you sprayed the peaches with L-S after leaf drop, then you only need to hit them again just before or right as the leaf buds begin to show the barest signs of green tips--unless it rains right after you spray.

I had to do the second spray three times due to rain this year. The sudden cold slowed the leaf emergence and the rain kept washing off my work! BUT, I have zero PLC this year!

If you can get Serenade in your area you might want to give it a try for the apricots. I don't think you want to be continually spraying with copper all season.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Anatoli, I use sulphur on my apricots even though you are not supposed to. Its interesting that this idea of not using sulphur on cots didn't make it down under, in Australia they spray sulphur on cots. So, I am somewhat doubtful if there is a reason for this restriction, or maybe only a few varieties are sensitive (I never noticed any sensitivity on my several dozen varieties). Anyway its your call on it in the end. I have also used Serenade but I don't think it works as well as sulphur.

Sulphur is a good organic spray for brown rot but needs many applications. If you are using synthetics try Monterey Fungi Fighter, it should zap any brown rot and it is one of the less toxic synthetic sprays. For the worms you need to use Surround clay to keep off the curculio, as soon as the fruits are bare (the shucks - flower remnants - have fallen off), or use pyrethrin spray. I don't like pyrethrin since it is a poison, Surround is non-toxic clay. You also need something to protect against moths, oriental fruit moth in particular. Either Surround or pyrethrin will do that. You need to protect against the curc until the cots are nickel sized and from dime sized to maturity you need to protect against the fruit moth.


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andrew_swmo(6 SW MO)

The first year I planted any fruit trees I used Lime Sulfur once during the summer. It killed a Harglow apricot tree but Sungold and Moongold did not show any damage. Also a young Nectacrest nectarine tree died after that spray. Later I learned that I was not supposed to use LS on apricots.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Andrew, I should have made more clear I am using sulphur, not lime-sulphur. The latter is more phytotoxic. Sulphur is also labeled bad for cots but I have not noticed any phytotoxicity. I sprayed all my cots with sulphur just last week.

See link below for a study of using both sulphur and lime-sulphur on cots, there is no mention of phytotoxicity problems (but, they only were studying two apricot varieties). Note the study also shows sulphur is the best of the non-synthetic sprays for brown rot.

I know that some grape varieties are phytotoxic for sulphur and you can find lists of those varieties. I have never seen such a list for apricots. I did have a Harglow myself, but it was back when I was not spraying sulphur on my apricots.


Here is a link that might be useful: sulphur on cots study

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Thanks For the information Scott
I did a search online and walmart carries Monterey Fungi Fighter, i will head there tomorrow and pick some up.

Do i spray it while my flowers are in bloom or wait till petal fall?

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I has the same problem you have. I think I fixed the problem. I sprayed the trees several times with Horticultural oil all season during the dormancy period , When the flower came on I spraying the oil but also added Monterey fungi fighter and immunox multu-purpose fungi all mixed in the same sprayer. I even added some Captan. My flowers are intact and the fruits are forming. No flower rot thank God. I will keep spraying the same mix every 10 days. I use the mix on all my trees apricot, cherry, beaches and pears. Some expert told me that Monterey protects the against fruit rot. So far I am so happy.

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how do you know if you have flower rot?
i checked the flowers on my apricot tree that have opened, most are white and sort of symetrical but i have many that have brown pedals or flowers that look a deformed with missing pedals
It started raining as soon as the flowers started to open..rained for almost 2 days and the low this morning was 34

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