White fungus on apple tree

jcurrysfApril 10, 2012

Hi all,

There's a white fungus growing on the trunk of my apple tree and I'd like to know if and how I can get rid of it. The tree is probably fairly old, but still produces good fruit and is the centerpiece of our yard, so we're quite worried about it. I've tried spraying down the trunk with water and that kind of blasts away the fungus for a little while, but it has come back a couple times already (usually after a couple of weeks). It also seems to be creeping higher onto the tree, getting into the branches a little. Help!

Photos here:

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Looks like wooly aphids to me.

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Definately wooly aphid; the cottony stuff is the waxy fluff they secrete that repels sprays.

A very quick pass with a butane torch melts the wax and incinerates the miserable bugs with little damage to the tree and no insecticides.

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Sounds like good sadistic fun :) Is that the best way to get rid of them?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Getting rid of them isn't possible because many of the colony are on the roots.

AS far as a home garden tree goes, if it's producing well, keep the tree. If it isn't, replace it with a kind less susceptible to woolly apple aphid.

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