Young strawberry growth yellow?

silent88April 10, 2013

I think these leaves turn into regular green leaves but I'm not sure and it seems odd. How come they are yellow when they are new? Is this normal?

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)


My friend, relax, don't worry about every little nook and cranny in your garden.. Plants grow all by themselves, Without human intervention, and I think we are the ones harming the plants with too much care.. Just let your plants be plants.. If your plant is dying, or is seriously dropping productivity and you tried what you can do, give this forum a shot.. But well be here all day if people just post abnormal, new growth from every plant in their garden.. Wait it's course, see if you're still having abnormal growth, then come back for more help... But for know, let the plants be plants.


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I don't know, those leaves look a little funny to me. Do all the leaves look like that or just those two? I have strawberries just leafing out and they don't look like that. Do they need a little iron? Did you use too strong of fert? Are they old plants just coming back or new? If you could provide a little more info it would help.

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