Help with Bordeaux mixture

theedudenator(Zone 5)April 4, 2013

I sprayed my fruit trees and grapes with dormant oil and Lime Sulfur already.

Now I need to start thinking of the spray for when the buds start to break.
I have been reading the following:
Sulfur or Copper or Bordeaux mixture.
Is there a preference?

I have some "that" flowable sulfur I can spray.

I saw the nursery has powdered copper, said it replaces Bordeaux mixture.

I have some copper sulfate, but I need to find the lime for the Bordeaux mixture. Nursery only had "garden line" it was granular. I think I need slaked lime?

Any help with this?
I had some cherry black spot, peach leaf curl and apple spots last year....

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For your purpose I agree with the nursery that copper hydroxide such as Kocide would be just as good as Bordeaux mix and a lot easier to make up. Al

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