Peach Socks - Bacterial Spot

nc_orchard(7a)April 25, 2012

This is the first year I've had a substantial crop of peaches on my trees. I decided to try using nylon socks. I've had the socks on for about a month now and most of the peaches are beyond thumb size. Recently I noticed most of the peaches are oozing small droplets and the socks are sticking to the peach. I have noticed PC on my trees, so at first I thought maybe PC was able to bite through the socks to the fruit and perhaps it was the wound from the PC that was oozing. However, after removing one of the socks I found mutltiple "wounds" on the fruit and looks like it could be Bacterial Spot or Peach Scab. I'm fairly new to fruit growing so I'm having a hard time identifying what my problem is.

I guess my question is, will using nylon socks increase the risk of Bacterial Spot and Peach Scab? The trees have only seen one spray of copper at the dormant stage, so I'm sure that's part of my problem, but I'm wondering if using socks is going to create a disease problem that makes them not worth using to combat my insect problem.

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

I would think wool socks hold too much moisture to be on a peach.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

My guess would be that the PC is going right through the sock. Have you heard that the socks will combat PC?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Peach oozing droplets means OFM not PC. PC don't need an exit wound for the frass like OFM does; the sign of the PC is the crescent mark of the egg-laying cut. Its similar with CM (codling moth) vs PC on apples, look for the open round exit wound to identify it being CM and the crescent to mean PC. I had thought I had PC on my apples only since I have seen several live PC but trapped no CM, but I am getting open oozing wounds so I know now that I have CM as well.

Anyway I'd put the odds at 90% that its OFM, the diseases don't usually ooze. Its pretty well-known that the nylon foots don't protect against OFM. I think the Surround-soaked footies can do much better; Home Orchard Society was selling those or just soak your own.


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I used Surround-soaked footsies on my PF 24 C peach last year. No problem at all (but again, I have only 5 peaches from my 2nd year tree so the bugs may have missed them).

I found crescent wounds on several of my young Asian pears last year but found nothing inside when I cut them open. No exit wounds, either. I'm learning.

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I'm kinda bummed that I'm having insect problems with my peaches after spending a good part of a day tying over 200 of the socks on. Is anyone else bagging a substantial number of their peaches, or is it not worth the effort for the protection they provide? Using the surround soaked footies sounds like it may be a good idea, but do they require additional spraying with surround during the season, and what about fungicide sprays when using them?

I'm thinking about getting rid of them and going to a conventional spray routine.

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