Deer munched and sun cracked Asian pears

yawineyApril 14, 2013

About 2 weeks ago a friend left my gate open and all the trees in my 1st yr. orchard that had already leafed out got munched. The worst was my 5-way asian pear tree. It had the most foiliage at that point of any of them so they really munched it.
Now it has leaves on 3 of the varieties but the 2 lowest ones have only green leaf stems sticking out and no leaves have re-grown. Should i keep waiting or is there some kind of pruning i should do?
I painted the trunks today and noticed the Housui had 3 cracks going up the south facing side. It's only gotten really hot a few times for a few days but.. Anyway i just painted over the cracks. Anything else to do about this?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Wait and see what grows back. After some growth you can trim off any damage. They should regrow and be fine.

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I had that happen to my newly planted fruit trees last year. It's so frustrating! My stella got munched twice. I am waiting to see what kind of grouth comes out on that one. it was right before the leaves started to change color. It grew back the first time and the second time it kind of made small sprouts. It looks like it has fruit buds on it. We're still dorment here. I wanted to kill the deer!

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Thanks. Is it good that i painted over the cracks?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Painting over cracks is fine.

I also recently left my deer guard down by mistake, I have a chain of motion-activated sprinklers but forgot to turn the water back on after turning it off to do some orchard work. They took care of one of my small apples. The sprinklers have been working great as long as they are on :-)


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