Variety Recommendations - Suggestions?

Schlemoc(5)April 29, 2013


I would love some in put from fellow board members on some fruits I would like to add to supplement my existing bushes. I am listing the type of plant, and the characteristics I would like. I have done a fair bit of research, but it seems that most are just trying to "sell" their variety.

Blueberry - early / mid / & late variety that has a sweeter taste with larger berry. I have large berry variety with high acidity.

Quince - I'd like one that can be used for sweeter style jellies that has a very fruity flavor

Strawberry - Preferably not a very aggressive growing variety that can handle ground cover needs, but also produce a sweeter fruit. June or everbearing

Goji - Anyone growing these? I'd like some thoughts as I'm intrigued by them.

I'd love to provide in put on the varieties I currently have, but I purchased the property and the existing orchard. The prior gardener passed, and along with it, his knowledge of what was planted. Also, in case anyone is wondering, I love berries. =)

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where you live is most important

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