late fall plantings

ztomApril 14, 2014

I planted 2 surefire cherries, a blue byrd plum and a geneva mirabelle plum around Dec 1st last year. The nursery I ordered them from prefers to ship stone fruits in the spring, but I was impatient and figured winter would be mild. Wow was I wrong! I really didn't think those trees would make it, and I've already lost a 3 year old reliance peach and intrepid peach this spring. As of today, however, I see a decent amount of green poking through on the cherry tree buds, and a little bit on the plums. It's still early, but I was pretty impressed. I have poorly drained soil (I think that is what did the peaches in) and planted these four trees on the highest mounds I've done yet and mulched then really well.

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alan haigh

I move trees bare root every fall until the ground freezes and most species take it fine. Mulberries often suffer some die back, though. When I started doing this my nursery was in a Z5 and we had lots of very cold winters, even a test one where it got well below -20.

I may have lost two tiny "sleeping eye" grafted peaches this winter, though. I stuck them in my vegetable garden and forgot to mulch them (they were an unexpected gift). The freeze- thaw pitched them out of the cracked soil. One of them was still mostly in the ground, so I'm hopeful.

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I planted an angel red and a Russian pomegranite if the fall. They did not make it through the winter in Northern Virginia. I planted an apache blackberry bush and it also looks dead. Alternatively, I overwintered a natchez blackberry in a pot in an unheated shed and just transplanted it to its permenent location and it appears okay.

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