Dead deer and ravished rhubarb

guysmom(z9CA)April 14, 2010

I don't know if it is a coincidence or not but we found a dead deer about 50 feet from our rhubarb plant that had been pretty much destroyed. Something big got to it because the asparagus in front of the rhubarb was knocked over. All the leaves on the rhubarb plant had been taken off, but not all were eaten. I know that rhubarb can be poisonous, but I thought deer wouldn't eat it. Is this just a coincidence?

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This webpage suggests it would take 5 to 10 pounds of leaves to do in an adult deer:
rhubarb toxin info

Goats and pigs have succumbed from eating rhubarb.

Your use of the word "ravished" is interesting as it implies a forcefully romantic relationship between the deer and rhubarb! I suspect the rhubarb leaves were "ravaged".

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LMAO larry_gene! But, I have to wonder, do you suppose the rhubarb leaves killed the deer? Deer are pretty stupid and will eat just about anything.

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Maybe the poor deer was ravishing the rhubarb and got so excited he had a heart attack. LMAO!

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My current thinking is that the deer had merely "relished" the rhubarb. And the rhubarb had its "revenge".

I wonder if guysmom had much difficulty in disposing of a dead deer?

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