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Kirsten12(7)April 2, 2014

We've recently moved into a house that was clearly owned (several years ago) by a great gardener. I've done tons of work cleaning out the overgrowth, mulching etc, and have huge clumps of lilies, daffodils, tulips, and many other things in the beds in front of the house. The problem is that the respective centerpieces of the beds (yew on the left of the front walk and an odd combo of yucca, holly, and something dead on the right side) are all overgrown/diseased and so we just want to rip them out and plant some nice little trees. It's a small, semi-urban yard, with full southern sun (against a brick house) and sandy soil (but on a hill and dry-ish).

I'd like something 10-20' that will filter the sun coming in the windows in the summer, but not so much shade that the flowers suffer. The neighbors have dogwood, etc, but I'd like something productive and a little unusual (we had tons of heirloom fruit trees growing up, and I want my daughter to have the same experience). We have a deer problem, hot humid summers, my husband is allergic to apples, and there is already a fig tree in the backyard. With all of my demands, what should I plant?

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Cherry trees have poisonous foliage, so might be a bit safer from deer. They do not get as large as apple trees, either. Usually you need two for pollination.

Hazelnut (Filbert) trees are also small.

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