Blueberries attackers!?!

greenmonster182(7)April 1, 2013

I bought 2 rabbit eye blue berry plants online and one at home depot. I have a powderblue, tifblue, and brightwell. My question is how old are they so I can water them the correct amount, the two I bought online are 27 and 30 in. The one I got from home depot is 36 in.
My other question is about spider mites. I have found small strands of webs stretching from one plant to another but not in any order and there are no webs underneath the leaves. I found a a very small spider making webs today, I was wondering if I should do something about them or is this the beginning to aphids/spider mites.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Spider mites haven't been much of an issue on my blueberries, not nearly like many other fruits. Yours don't sound like mites.

You need to water enough to keep the soil moist but not wet. Mine in pots get watered once a day in summer tapering to about twice a month in winter. Winter watering needs vary greatly due to weather conditions and whether or not the plants drop their leaves.

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