Where can I buy a large olive tree--6 ft or more?

olive51(7)April 8, 2014

I would like to purchase a larger size arbequina olive tree but am not having luck searching. There seem to be a handful of reputable nurseries that carry these, but they only sell quite small trees.

The only nurseries that I can find for larger trees are Willis Orchards and Aaron's Nursey ( both in Georgia, and I live in Atlanta) but they don't get good reviews.

I'd like to buy a tree that is maybe around 7 + years old and over 6 ft in height. Does anyone know of another source? I am willing to spend a fair amount to get a great tree.

Thanks so much for any information!

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Good question. Always interested in any olive discussions. I wasn't in a hurry and bought 'Arbequina' and 'Arbosana' as twigs. They do grow pretty quickly. My 'Arbequina' is now as high as the 4' fence behind it after a couple of years:

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