Burkley Blueberries?

RyanTrent(USDA 6b)April 10, 2012

Hey folks. I recently inherited an orchard with a lonely blueberry bush. I know that blueberries need pollinator mates to be productive, so I'm going to the local garden store to pick one up- and some aluminum sulphate while I'm at it. There's a spike-tag next to the bush that says "Burkley." After some research, I've found a variety named "Berkeley" and I assume it's the same one? Berkeley is a late midseason variety from what I gather. If this is indeed the same cultivar, do any blueberry growers have a suggestion for a pollinator?

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Hi Ryan,
First of all,from what I've read,Aluminum Sulfate is not the greatest thing for Blueberries.A better choice is Ammonium Sulfate.Both will lower pH,but it's the Aluminum that's tough for them.Sulfur can also be used,though it takes a while to do it's thing.Also,don't use too much AS or maybe none at all on the new plant until later in the Spring.
There are many choices,maybe get two,an early variety like Earliblue,Reka or Spartan and a late,some being Jersey,Darrow or Elliot.Then the picking season can be longer. Brady

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RyanTrent(USDA 6b)

Oh wait... fruiting time doesn't have anything to do with the bloom, does it? So I can use any highbush variety for a pollinator?

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If it's a Northern Highbush,yes,just about any other Northern Highbush will work. Brady

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alan haigh

Granulated sulfur is what is usually used to acidify and aluminum sulphate is the next most common, although many are afraid of the toxicity of the al., however it is a component of all soils and not likely to be a problem unless you are already near excess.

I would either get an early like Patriot or Duke or a much later, like Elliot.

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