Brown Rot Control

ztomApril 19, 2013

I planted some trees that I've since learned are not the best trees for my conditions. Several of them, however, are growing really well and look to have lots of flower buds this year. For instance, I planted a Bing Cherry but will have a real battle with brown rot. Do you think the following idea has a chance, or would trying to keep the fruit as dry as possible not make any difference? Here is my idea: Hook up a weather proof fan to a small solar panel. Set up the fan to blow on the tree and remove fruit that is not in the air path. Thin the fruit in the air path. Turn the fan on a just let it go all summer. I'm not looking to get tons of fruit from these trees but would love to get a little bit.

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flora2b(z6a bc)

I was thinking about using one of those cheap 10 x 20 car covers you get from Costco (once the canopy is ruined you can pick them up cheap). Cover roof with clear plastic and put up over my peach & apricot trees, in the summer, to keep too much moisture from getting on the leaves and fruit.
They use a system similar to this for cherries that are grown here commercially and it works great.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Covering is probably the easiest option. It takes a few years for brown rot to show up so providing you avoid cracking and bacterial canker you may get some fruit without much work.


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So it's not possible to have brown rot on 1st year trees?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Brown rot tends to take a few years to build up enough spores to be dangerous. If your nextdoor neighbor has a 50-year old plum you will probably get nailed in year 1, but if there are no stone fruits nearby it will take up to five years. It took five years for it to build up for me, then I got nailed hard.


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